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Dec 07, 2008

Plaxico Burress: How could so many get it so wrong.

Why are so many folks screwing this PB Gun thing up? The latest big mouth to go airball in analysis is ESPN's own Stephen A. Smith, who's decided to not only blame Burress, but black male athletes and black culture in at large. Check this one out:

Well said, Stephen A… I hereby nominate you chairman of the Jason Whitlock Self-Hating Brothas' club. All in favor, say, “aye!”

For starters Only Black folks are expected to clone the one black guy everyone else likes. Everyone likes Obama now (and Michael Jordan and Bill Cosby before him), so now every black guy in America has to get his Obama on or else. It's like we're cultural clones or something: Be like my favorite black man or you're just a nigger.

I mean, when Larry Bird knocked up some random woman and skipped out on the baby, did anyone say, “C’mon Larry, we got us a white man in the White House. Shape up and Raise your daughter?” I mean, are we gonna tell white female athletes to stop posing for Playboy now that Hilary Clinton's Secretary of state?

Now, lemme start by saying, I don’t defend anyone bringing unregistered firearms into public venues, as Burress did. I’m just not a gat fan like that. I’ll leave that battle to the NRA-heads out there—and no doubt they’ll sit this one out because the individual at the center isn’t white.

But for Stephen A and all the Plax/Pacman/TO/AI scapegoaters, I got a couple questions for you:

If your colleague/friend got robbed at gunpoint before, and knowing that workers in your industry are frequent targets of armed robbery and gun violence, wouldn't you consider arming yourself? NYC Giants WR Stephen Smith, Plax's teammate got robbed at gunpoint less than two week's prior to Plax's nightclub incident; so isn't it possible Plax started packing for that reason? After all, athletes have long been targets of robberies, assualts, etc.

Again, Plax should've hired security, but then again, we'd all be saying, "there goes another spoiled (black) athlete with his posse of thugs."

Also, let’s be honest about this: Plax ain’t no bigger fool than his white contemporaries. He was just sloppy enough to get caught, and not smart enough to recognize the perennial double-standards of conduct. But don’t front like Burress did something new to the game.

Lest we forget Brett Favre was a pill-poppin’ alcoholic (ATL Falcons cut him for coming to the QB meetings drunk) and every white cat in the media has chosen to look the other way for his entire career. Even Kerry Collins', the NFL media's latest darling, was an alcoholic who drank himself out of the league until 2006; yet he's been repositioned as a profile in courage and recovery. Mark Chimura gets caught in a hot tub with teenage girls, but we don’t blame white NFL males for pedophilia. And from Mark McGwire to Roger Clemens to Rick Ankiel (and countless others) ain’t nobody blaming “white culture” for steroids in baseball. (I don’t recall Victor Conti—founder of Balco—being Black, was he?)

There’s a Ryan Leaf in every round of every draft every year that we chose to cover for and give the benefit of the doubt to. There are literally dozens of Tony Mandarich’s–big white boys juicin’ each year, and an increasing number of whiny-ass white NBAers like AK-47 in Utah. But we (fans, media, owners) ain’t exactly turnin’ our backs on European ballers or big corn(roid)fed white linemen just because a couple of ‘em are dirty.

When Oscar De La Hoya got caught in the skirt and panties did we air-out Mexican Boxers as being perverted? When Matt Jones (NFLer) got caught early in 2008 choppin’ up yayo with his credit cards in the SUV with his crew did we blame white NFLers for promoting a culture of vice-over-rules? When (Philadelphia Eagles coach) Andy Reid’s grown ass 22- and 25-year-old sons started moving Meth and Ecstacy out of the Reid homestead did we blame NFL coaches or white male culture for drug culture?

John Daly, Jim Beem and all these white boys in the PGA can drink and party their careers into the toilet but we don’t blame white golfers for ruining the game. (Actually we just blame Tiger for being better than everyone else.) When White girls in golf, tennis, skating, etc. act like prima donnas and divas and straight up heffas, but do we blame white females for running women’s sports? When MLB’s posterboy Josh Hamilton crack-rocked his way out of the majors he was repacked and sold as “Mr. Redemption” and Mr. Inner-demons-slayed. And I swear, the next NHLer that ain’t cheatin’ on his wife and/or punching out opponents will be the first, yet we don’t blame White/European male culture for ruining pro hockey?

No. Because that’d be stereotyping and broad-brushing.

But somehow, Plaxico Burress (like Pacman Jones and A.I.) are leading some mythical, long-feared invasion “niggers wit attitude” into our good, character-based, performance-rewarded worlds of pro sports?


And one more thing: Can we bury this tired  "AI vs. Practice" jokes once and for all? Anyone’s whose ever seen the entirety of that clip knows that Iverson prefaced his “practice” comment by noting that no one takes gameday more serious, plays harder, or plays hurt more often than he does, to which everyone at that press conference agreed. His point was when you do what he does for his team at the level that he’s done it, you don’t rip the guy who needs practice the least for sitting one out. Yet somehow it’s been reduced to Allen “is just another nigger who doesn’t care about practice, preparation or team rules” Iverson.

And you wonder why so many Black athletes have issues with the media—a media that's comprised of over 85% white males and white females, I might add.

I’ll agree with Stephen A Smith on this point: The one thing today’s black male athlete lacks is the spine to stand up to media, owners and arrogant fans that believe they have the right to stereotype them and hypocritically slur them at will simply because they’re earning a lot of money. Then again, we saw what happened to Donovan McNabb attempted to honestly address this bigoted double standard this past summer.

Jim Brown would kick Stephen A.’s ass if he were still playing, then he’d curse out all them frat boy punks at ESPN for playing two-face white boy games… talking crap writin’ crap, then wantin’ an autograph and a photo-op…

All I got for Stephen A. Smith is “nigga please.”

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